How To Get The Most Out Of Your Local Produce Restaurant


A local produce restaurant relies on a very strict supply chain that gives them the best and freshest ingredients possible. Due to this clear advantage over their competition, local produce restaurants have been growing in popularity, and every day more and more Australians are visiting their local options to see what the buzz is about. If you are keen to dine at a local produce restaurant and want the best possible experience, here are a few tips you should follow.

Order The Special

Often, a special will be put on the menu because it is in limited supply. At a local produce restaurant, that often means it has ingredients that are in season right now but won't be back again for many months. Unlike regular restaurants, a local produce restaurant won't source their ingredients from thousands of kilometres away, which means they more closely adhere to the local seasonal harvests. For you, that means that in autumn you might get bananas, rhubarb or pears, while in summer you get corn, eggplants and peppers. 

Research What Meats They Have And Choose Your Favourites

Not every local produce restaurant will serve all the major meat groups. For some, it is not feasible to source fresh beef, pork and chicken, so they concentrate on the closest and best-quality meats to make up for the absence. If you have a favourite kind of meat, then find a restaurant that serves it as that will make your first experience better. However, after a while, you should definitely try the whole range of options, as many local produce restaurants also serve more niche meats such as goat, kangaroo and duck. There are so many different types of meat that are often ignored by major chains, which is why these local produce restaurants are so important for having a balanced diet.

Support Their Sauces And Flavourings

Because local produce restaurants focus on homegrown ingredients, they try their best to create their own sauces and spice combinations. You will often see them selling these varieties at the counter, and if you enjoyed your meal, then you should take some home with you. Not only will it be far fresher than anything you can buy at the shops, but it will allow you to recreate some of the same meals you tried when you were out for a fraction of the cost. This helps support your local produce restaurant and will enrich your home cooking in a big way. 


25 March 2020

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