Why Visiting The Sports Bar Is A Proud Part Of Australian Weekend Culture


There are few things more Australian than spending your Saturday night at your local sports bar. But what is it about this seemingly national past time that is so appealing to so many? Lots of outsiders who don't frequent sports bars might be baffled by their appeal. The simple fact is that there is something for every age at a sports bar. If you have never been to one or simply don't get why they are frequented by so many, then here are just a few of the reasons behind the sports bars' success. 

Restaurant Level Food

While fast food certainly has its place in the lexicon of Australian culinary cuisine (and there are fast food staples at nearly every sports bar) most would still prefer a quality meal with great ingredients. This goes doubly so on a weekend when people are out and about, looking for restaurant dining on a budget that won't break the bank. At a sports bar, you know what you are going to get, with a myriad of options between schnitzels, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, seafood, entrees and desserts. The menu is a mile wide and encompasses everyone's personal taste to some degree. 

Live Entertainment

Many sports bars have live entertainment on the weekends which makes them very lively places full of dancing and singing along to all the old classics and new party anthems. This is a great alternative for people who cannot be bothered to travel an hour each way to a concert, especially when they have to stand up the whole time and eat a cold meat pie from the concession stand. Sports bars are dotted all across the suburbs and the city and many have themed nights for people who are looking for a certain genre. If you want some live tunes from your favourite bands then simply search up who is playing at your local sports bars. You might be surprised at how much variety there is. 

Sports, Sports, Sports

Of course, the primary reason so many people love sports bars is because of, you guessed it, the sporting options! Australia is sports mad and these bars cater to that large and ever-increasing demographic. Sports bars often have dozens of screens around the premises playing all the bigger sports Australians love, from NRL, AFL, cricket and soccer to more niche sports like darts. Many sports bars also have screens set up for live betting, so if that is your scene then those are available too. The atmosphere at these sports bars is so much better than sitting at home watching the game, so if you want some good food and a great time you cannot go past a weekend at the nearest sports bar


13 March 2020

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