Two steps to take if your home is too small for the big birthday bash your child wants to have


If your child has lots of friends and wants to have a big birthday bash that all of their pals can attend but your home is much too small to be used as the venue for this type of large party, don't worry; you may still be able to fulfil your child's request. Here are some things you can do to make their birthday the fun-filled experience they want it to be.

Have the birthday meal at a restaurant

Most kids' birthday parties are food-centred. If both your kitchen and dining room are tiny, then you might want to invite all of your child's friends to dine at a kid-friendly restaurant. Trying to prepare a few dozen mini pizzas, cupcakes, fruit kebabs and other forms of party food in a small and ill-equipped kitchen will be very difficult and could easily lead to some of the food being knocked off the counters and into the sink or onto the floor.

Additionally, if every inch of your countertops is covered in dishes, many of which are fresh out of the oven and are still, therefore, scorching hot, the chances of you brushing up against one of these hot dishes and getting burnt will be quite high. Furthermore, trying to serve a few dozen plates of food in a cramped dining room will probably result in spillages, which might leave the floor and furniture in this room ruined.

Conversely, if you have this birthday bash at a restaurant, there will be no chance of you burning yourself, dropping and ruining food dishes before you can serve them, or ending up with a stained and whiffy dining room. Instead, you can sit back and bask in the delight of seeing your child have a fantastic birthday party, in a spacious restaurant, where there is plenty of table space for the food and lots of room for the children to sit comfortably and enjoy their meals.

Invite everyone to go to a nearby park after the meal

It's unlikely that your child and their mates will be content to go their separate ways immediately after the meal; instead, they will probably want to play and hang out for a while. If your garden is too small to accommodate your child's large number of friends, then you might want to invite everyone to go to a park after the meal. To ensure that this feels like a celebratory and fun experience rather than just an aimless walk around the park, pack a football, some frisbees, some balloons and a couple of kites, all of which the kids can use to play games and entertain themselves. You might also want to put some small cartons of juice and a few packets of sweets into your bag, in case any of the children get peckish.

It's important to ensure that you choose a park that is easy to get to from the restaurant (ideally, you should be able to walk from the restaurant to the park); if you do this, you won't have to lug the bag containing all of the above-mentioned party provisions too far and the children will not end up so tired from the journey that they don't have enough energy left to play when they get to the park.


13 March 2020

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